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We do things a little bit differently. Click here to learn what Third Wave Psychotherapy is and how it shapes our work.

Marcy is a caring, adventurous, and curious therapist and trainer. Click here to learn more about who she is and how she works. Marcy is currently not accepting new clients.

Marcy Brimo, LCSW-R

Click here to explore Marcy and Seaghan's latest musings- about anything from therapy, mindfulness, literature, nature, and everything in between!


Seaghan Coleman, LCSW-R

Seaghan is a warm, innovative trainer and therapist. Click here to learn more about who he is and how he works. Seaghan is accepting clients on a limted basis.

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At Third Wave Psychotherapy, we do things differently. Learn more about us and how we help clients make lasting changes.

If you are a psychotherapist or possible referral source, click here to learn more about the work we do at Third Wave.

Want to learn EMDR, ACT, or other Third Wave therapies we use? Click here to learn more about trainings and consultation.




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We are an association of psychotherapists focused on helping people engage in real change.

We use a powerful set of therapies that are designed to make change as rapidly, deeply, and effectively as possible.

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